Stirring up the senses in Sri Lanka

by Lesley-Ann on May 5, 2016

The first time Julian and I visited the tea growing island of Sri Lanka over 20 years ago, we drove from the airport to the capital, Colombo, in the thick of night down dusty roads, our taxi driver pushing his rickety car to the limit and almost (but not quite) missing the oncoming traffic as he weaved in and out.  On our most recent visit the arrival was a far more relaxed affair.  Our VIP meet and greet, straight off our flight, was by a rather pleasant airport official with a signboard: Mrs Ann Lesley and Mr Julian Peter.  She efficiently whisked us through the form filling at immigration and, whilst we sat in the VIP lounge having our first cup of Sri Lankan tea, she collected our luggage and cleared it through security.  All we had to do was slip out of the back door in to our waiting car and on to the new (Chinese funded) bypass for a smooth journey to Colombo.

People often think of Sri Lanka in the same way as India – noisy, chaotic, and a complete assault on the senses.  It’s not.  Sri Lanka has its own personality and a really lovely easy going island mentality with sweet, generous and welcoming people.  You do have to go with the flow a bit since the island is still developing and whilst some parts of the country are sophisticated, others are less so.  But you will be enchanted by Sri Lanka and surprised with the variety on offer for such a small island:  dramatic landscapes, ancient temples, historic hill towns with reminders of the British Colonial era, verdant tea plantations, abundant wildlife, stunning beaches and some rather special places to stay.

I (accompanied by Julian as la Concordia’s official photographer) was back in Sri Lanka to see a raft of new hotel openings and also test some new experiences.  Here are the highlights of my latest trip: Read more


I’m often asked where’s the one place I’ve visited that has totally blown me away, and I have to say, that’s a tough question to answer.  I’ve seen so many wonderful places and each has their own special memories.  But, in terms of one country where I felt totally privileged to experience it, where I got access to a culture not many people get to see and where I travelled through some spell binding scenery, it has to be Bhutan.  The Buddhist culture also drew me in as I’m a sucker for that whole spiritual stuff: monks in burnished red robes, stunning temples and making a wish as I spin the multi-coloured prayer wheels.

Bhutan will soon be displaying its beauty to the world when (Prince) William and Kate visit the “Land of the Thunder Dragon” this spring, as part of a larger trip which will also take in the sights of India.

What makes Bhutan so special is that this tiny landlocked  country (tucked away between Tibet and India) was isolated from the outside world for many years and only opened up to visitors in 1974; even now it carefully manages the number of tourists that visit the country so as to preserve its unique culture and traditions –  men are expected to wear local dress of a knee length robe, there are laws prohibiting smoking and billboards, and the nation supports Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product; visiting this Kingdom will certainly enhance your general net happiness.  Read more


Forgive me for making a sweeping statement, but for guaranteed winter sun with a less than 8 hour direct flight from Manchester, don’t most people just press the Dubai default button?  Of course, Dubai is great if you want a city that shouts at you 24 hours a day and has a sort of “look at me” feel about it.  And of course it does have rather a lot of good hotel options. But that’s the thing about Dubai, there’s just a lot of everything – hotels, skyscrapers, people, bling. For something a lot calmer and with less crowds my preference is Abu Dhabi, Dubai’s less brash neighbour.

Here are some of the reasons why I think it’s time to consider ditching Dubai as the default for winter sun and maybe give Abu Dhabi a whirl instead: Read more


Holy cow – family friendly India……really!

by Lesley-Ann on February 5, 2016

If you’re looking for an exciting family holiday in a vibrant country, that will leave you and your children with amazing memories, then look no further than India.  This multi-faceted country crackles with energy and colour and is totally unique: from cities like Mumbai and Delhi, to forts and palaces, desert ranges, tiger reserves, the beaches of Kerala and Goa, and astonishing sights like the iconic Taj Mahal.  But, with so much to see and do and long distances to travel between many of the sights, you really don’t want to bite off more than you can chew in one trip, unless you want to spend the whole time in planes, trains and automobiles.  And believe me, once experienced, India will captivate you and you will want to return. Read more


Where will 2016 take you?

by Lesley-Ann on January 7, 2016

With another year all wrapped up, and one where I did the most travelling ever (yes, really!), I need to challenge myself by setting the “travel bar” even higher in 2016.  I have quite a few things already planned and some things I’ve left room to hopefully squeeze in, whilst I continue to arrange some amazing trips for my clients.  I hope you might find some inspiration from this short list of travel related things I’m looking forward to in 2016.  Or, maybe you have some wonderful ideas of your own?  Either way, I’m here to help make 2016 a fabulous travel year for you too.

As for me, in 2016 I will be: Read more